Staff Meetings.

As some may have guessed but the appropriately placed period after the title, I am not a fan of staff meetings. Maybe I should clarify a bit, because not all staff meetings are bad, in fact, some are extremely necessary. Whether it be for friendly reminders or whatever, it’s nice to touch base with all your staff. HOWEVER, when these meetings are extremely unorganized and long and basically pointless, is it really worth it to have them? I am admitting, I may be talking about just one specific staff meeting here, but keep in mind this could pertain to lots! I am talking about MONTHLY staff meetings where relatively NOTHING gets accomplished. Where we go around the room and spend more time talking about ourselves and what our favorite _________ is than actually about work. Seriously dude? I’ve got better sht to do! Like homework! Or watching one of my bazillion TV shows! Or reading! Seriously, lots of better things to do. If they’re so boring then why do I go? You may be wondering this….why let me tell you. At the end of the staff-wide (is that the correct term??) email that is sent out, there is always a little threat of some nature explaining that this is in fact a mandatory meeting and you cannot miss or ______ consequence will occur. You may think oh psh what are you 5? Scared of some consequence? To which I respond: YES, yes I am afraid of some puny consequence. Don’t laugh, sometimes they are stupider and more time consuming than actually going to the staff meetings. Now another thing, I don’t want you to think I’m all anti getting together with my coworkers to talk about how the job is going. No I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying for most jobs (aka the one job I don’t want to go to) it is stupid and unproductive for these meetings to take place every freaking month. And at inconvenient times! I think that every other month would be so much better. Also, I have been told I have one of the nicest bosses (different job than the one I’m complaining about) ever. She brings us dinner or snacks (usually healthy ones too!) which I find is a very effective incentive to go! This boss on the other hand, nada, zip, zilch! Es muy triste.

Realized I forgot to post this because I had to leave for my meeting mid type! Uhg. I’m so forgetful. Sometimes I don’t know where I’d be without my planner/calendar/phone to remind me of what I have to do. It’s a miracle that I don’t forget more assignments or work related things, I tell ya. Well I’m off to hit the hay! I’ve got a busy Friday coming up! I have to finish up my Cars themed board game for work! All the kids have been designing them all week and we get to play them tomorrow! I’m so excited. Eeeeek!