THE Polar Bear Plunge!!

Exciting news people! My friend and I are making the courageous decision to participate in this years polar bear plunge! Eeeek. For those of you who have NO idea what this little event is, tomorrow at noon we will be plunging into the ice cold waters of Lake Michigan purely for fun. And yes we will be wearing swimsuits, nothing else. Double eeeek, I know. It’s going to be freezing cold but this is one thing I have wanted to check off my bucket list for a LONG time. I am so stoked to finally do it! Now I know it’s New Year’s Eve so many of you may not be surfing the blogging world, but for those of you who are, I’d appreciate some tips that may or may not help me survive this crazy thing I’m about to do. Even if you see this later on, let me know if you’ve ever done an event similar and what your experience is! I’ll have a follow up tomorrow, provided that I survive of course.

As the time comes closer, my anticipation grows…

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Be safe tonight! XXX



I love piercings, to an extent. I would by no means say that I am obsessed with them, however I do have 6 (which I think is a lot). I have my lobes pierced as well as my cartilage, the middle edge of my ear (also my cartilage I guess?), my rook, and most recently my frontal (forward) helix. From what I can remember, I don’t think I had any major complications with my piercings in the past, my rook took longer than expected to heal and my cartilage developed a bump that eventually went away, but other than that, nothing note worthily wrong, until now. I got my frontal helix in October and it was really tender to the touch (’s healing) and then just recently, it started forming this bump that if I could see probably looks disgusting. It still hurts to touch and I’m running out of things to do! I’ve looked up different “home remedies” online and there was one that seemed to be coming up the most frequently. I have been doing hot saltwater soaks once a day for the past 2 or 3 days and it seems to be helping a bit! Lets hope that it starts to work better and faster…I really don’t want to take it out.

On a happier note, the Pack play today and the decision will be made whether or not we get home field advantage! Errbody out there better be cheering for the green and gold!! I mean how can you not cheer for GBP?

On that note:

“In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail” ~Vince Lombardi

I do not feel like I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

So the world was supposed to end on December 21. I heard Earth was supposed to get hit with a meteor or the zombie apocalypse was going to happen. None the less, I was not worried. It was such BS, I didn’t believe any of it. But on the night of the 20th, it was EXTREMELY windy! My bedroom is on the second floor and our house is fairly old (not like super grandpa old, but old enough) and sometimes I can hear the wind coming in through our fireplace and its creepy whenever I am home alone. Anyways, on the night before the so called “apocalypse” it was particularly windy. When I say windy I mean WINDY. I thought the top of my house was going to blow away or rip off the ground. It was freaky. But we all survived. Yay! Congrats everyone, we survived the end of the world!

As for the zombie apocalypse, I was told (just this year) that I should start watching The Walking Dead so I can better prepare myself for the upcoming apocalypse. I started watching and have kept up with the show and I feel like that it has definitely helped me get an idea for whats to come. Granted I imagine that the show is dramatized quite a bit but still it is very informative and sometimes even funny!

Cheesy meme picture thing I know, but it was the best one I could find without giving anything away! If you don’t watch this show I would highly recommend you start! I’ll admit, it’s corny at times, but I’ve gotten really into it! Sadly, I have yet to get any of my roommates or family to start watching and enjoy it as much as I do, but maybe I can convince you! Please give feedback/thoughts about what you think about the world ending or the tv show preparing us for the apocalypse.

I know this is later than I would have liked, but I am home on break and not always on my computer!

Happy (late) Holidays everyone! I’ll be back soon. XXX

Packing and unpacking

One thing I absolutely hate doing is packing. I know some people find it fun to pack if they are going on a trip because oooh how exciting they’re probably going someplace warm in the winter! But no. I hate it. I am always afraid (and for a good reason) that I’m going to forget something and you know what? I’m usually right. I always forget something extremely necessary.

One time earlier this year I forgot to bring home my contacts…MY CONTACTS. That is a necessary part of my everyday life and I forgot them ah school. What an idiot. At least I had my glasses.

Anyways, I especially hate packing for longer periods of time, for example: when I go home for winter break (end of December to the end of January). That is quite a long time to try to remember everything one needs. I don’t know what I’m going to be in the mood to wear or if I’ll need fancy dress up clothes. And if I need fancy dress up clothes, what kinds? What will I be in the mood for?

Side note: I’m well aware I sound like a total girl right now but everything I’m saying is true! It’s so much more difficult for girls to pack than it is for guys. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. And I think most girls have also noticed this as well. For example: Jenna Marbles.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself. When making my trek back home, I decided to pack almost everything I own, just to be safe. On that note, happy packing everyone. Don’t forget your necessities!

Forgot I also titled this “unpacking”..shoot. Okay well if you could see my room right now, you would be able to understand what in the world I mean when I say I hate unpacking. I feel like I’m not going to be home for an extremely long period of time and unpacking/putting everything away would be a waste of time when I just have to pack it up again in a month! But then again, I can’t very well leave it laying in the middle of my floor so I can’t move around! Uhg. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Have a wonderful night y’all. It’s raining here. ( yes, raining in December..)

Remember kid, heros get remembered, but legends never die.

Ahh one of my most favorite things in the world…MOVIES! I don’t know how someone could even begin to talk about movies on just one post. I have got way too many favorites it’s not even funny. The title of this post is a quote from what movie? You may have it on the tip of your tongue like my roommate just did. Like her, you may have also failed miserably to come up with name. I will give you a hint. Well more than a hint, I’m going to give you a picture!

heros get remembered

Still don’t know? How can you not guess from this picture!? Okay I’ll tell you. It’s THE SANDLOT. Congrats if you got it after the picture. Double congrats if you got it before the picture! And if you were like my roommate and didn’t get it at all, well then no congrats you idiot, brush up on your movie quotes.

I love throwing quotes out there to see if people get my references. Sometimes they don’t, and then I struggle to explain myself without looking like a complete wack job. Usually it does not end in my favor either way, but ehh what’s a girl to do?

On a happier note (not really, just trying to get your hopes up so I can crush them ;)) My roommate and I watched a fantastic (and by fantastic I mean strangely funny and odd and cheesy and not really that great all at the same time) movie last night. It’s name, The Forger, starring Josh Hutcherson and Hayden Panettiere. What a strange movie. We were looking on Netflix for a movie and thought, “Hey we like forgers (like Neal Caffrey) so chances are we will probably like this movie titled: The Forger” WRONG. Neal Caffrey and Joshua (weirdly enough he has the same name in real life…this always strikes me as odd) are NOTHING ALIKE. I like to think that Neal has got real talent and puts it to good use whereas Joshua just dicks around and does nothing with his talent. If I could draw/paint/forge like these two, gosh I don’t think I would ever work or go to school again! I would become a college dropout and TRAVEL THE WORLD (with Neal Caffrey himself of course).

I mean lets be real. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful man. (Another post to come on White Collar I can promise you that!) Also, I have seen a man just as beautiful in his own way and he is currently the background to my phone. His name is Chris Hemsworth, although some of you may know him as Thor or Jedd (Red Dawn). What a badass. I don’t know many men that can pull off the short and long haired look, both me and my roommate agree on this. 🙂

Anyway! Got off track a bit…Neal does that to me sometimes. Back to the weird movie that I don’t know if I liked…there was one quote that I found to be REALLY cheesy but REALLY cute at the same time. It is as follows.

Words to live by fellas, words to live by. Although my roommate doesn’t have the same love of movies as I do…just kidding she does. Usually we are the ones that constantly watch movies together. I have a problem though, I like way too many movies, even if they’re super cheesy and annoying, I still like them! Where I draw the line? Scary movies. I do not particularly enjoy scary movies. Some suspenseful ones I can do, but not usually. I hide in the bathroom like a little baby. Uhg. What are you going to do? Anyways. I could watch movies all day long and not feel bad about myself at all. On that note…

Have a great Sunday, y’all! (y’all=my attempt at being southern..)

Dun dun dunnnnn

In case you weren’t aware (although I don’t know how you could possibly not be aware..) it’s that time of year. No, not Christmas time, FINALS time. That’s right, every college campus is getting ready for the much needed holiday break.  However, before us students can think about relaxing at home, sitting by the fire while our parents make us delicious gourmet meals that we wouldn’t dream of making on our own because their too complicated.. (no? just me? okay then.) we must prep ourselves for remembering everything we learned in the past four months so we can take a test on it in 2 hours. Makes perfect sense, right? Wrong. But that argument is for a different day. In the mean time, I’ve got a philosophy to write and some note cards to make. So on that note, hang in there college kids! You can do it!

Ask my roommate, I’ve found myself quoting this movie A LOT in the past few weeks. It’s fantastic.

many of you are in college and getting through exams this week...I'm pulling for you and remember...keep recovery priority number one <3


Also, because I’m a sucker for these fantastic little quote things, here’s some more inspiration to finish out the semester strong!

Having a rough day