Tim Halperin

Ooooheeee it’s been a while since my last post! Just as a follow up on my previous posts, my ear is still infected and I didn’t do the polar bear plunge. Moving on!

New Year’s Resolutions are so stupid. Everyone makes them and follows them for ohh about a week and then usually falls slowly back into their previous routine. I’m sorry if that was offensive. But MOST of the time its true…As for me, instead of being super strict on myself, I just decided that I am going to work out more “in general”. I am not going to be a lazy bum anymore! I have no excuses! You might be wondering how that is going for me. You’ll be happy to know it worked! …once. I went to the gym once! But hey that’s a big improvement from not going at all. A big pat on the back to me. Yay!

On to the title of this blog, Tim Halperin. I happen to stumble across this young man while my spotify was on random. His song Pretty Girls came on and I really liked it. His voice is realllly nice. So I listened to some more of his songs, and I love it! I go to Google the guy and it turns out he was on American Idol…what?! I was very surprised. And now you know why I’m not a huge fan of that show. I mean this guy is GOOD. Not to mention he’s pretty good looking too! He’s got such a nice smile, it looks like this is mid laugh, and oh how I would like to meet him mid laugh.

Hellllo Tim.

So there it is, or rather, there he is. The reason for this blog. New artist of the day, CHECK HIM OUT because he is fantastic. Not only a great singer, but not to shabby to look at either ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not too much new here otherwise! Oh wait! I had an awesome night tonight! I drove my (18 year old) brother to his haircut today because he was too lazy to drive himself and it was great! We talked the whole time there and back and it was just a great bonding moment for us. No fighting or bickering or anything! I loved every second of it.

That is all on this end friends. I am going to try to blog more frequently now I promise…it’s one of my new years resolutions ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until next time!



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